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Franklin Christmas Parade

The Downtown Franklin Christmas Parade will take place this Saturday, December 7, at 2 PM. Come celebrate Christmas and see who has the best float. The parade starts in Jim Warren Park and heads down Hwy 96. The route goes around the square and heads down Main St.

If you’re currently looking to sell your home, are you waiting until after the holidays? If you are new to my blog, you will see I’ve been rolling out 11 reasons to list your home during the holidays.

Let’s roll with the number seven reason to list your home during the holidays:
You can sell now for more money and we will provide for a delayed closing or extended occupancy until early next year.



Thanksgiving Break

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I took a few days off to spend time with family and friends. I know everyone is back to the grind today, so on we continue with 11 reasons to list your home during the holidays.

6. Buyers have fewer homes to choose from with inventory being lower this month. Less competition means more money for you.

11 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

Welcome to my blog. I just started this blog in addition to over blogs I run on different websites. This will be a space to see how the market is performing, receive tips on home improvement, get Nashville real estate news, and find out what’s going on in the community. Also, I try to throw some laughs in occasionally.

Today, I’m bringing a blog series that I have been writing about on my other blogs. It’s holiday inspired with 11 reasons you should list your home during the holidays. We’re up to number five, so here’s a quick recap:
#1. Some buyers have a need or want to buy before the end of the year for tax purposes.
#2. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the holidays than they do during the work week.                                                                 #3. Buyers are more emotional during the holidays and will tend to pay your asking price.
#4. Homes show better when they’re decorated.

Here we are with today with #5. Supply increases in January. List in Winter when there is less demand which means more money!

Check back tomorrow for the next entry.